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Common Support Topics

I can't log in.
You were emailed a username (your email) and a password to access convology courses. This is your login for this website ( and not your login for the separate community available to those who enroll in courses and Convology Pro.

My password doesn't work.
You can reset your password any time from the login form at the login page.

I'm being logged out.
Sometimes we make changes in our system that requires users to log back in, and sometimes our system logs users out for security reasons. Try logging back in.

I can't log in. I know my password is correct.
If you've failed logging in too many times, our system will incorrectly identify you as a threat or someone trying to brute force your way in. Fill out the form above and we'll unblock you.

How do I access the community?
The community is a separate website with a separate login that you should have received an invite to when you first created your account or signed up for a course. If you did not receive this invite, fill out the form above and we'll get you invited right away. The login you were given to this website ( is not the same login to access the community.