Frequently Asked Questions

Template Websites

How do I add the Thrive Architect template to my site?

Edit the page you want to import the template to using Thrive Architect. On the right side of your screen you should see a gear icon for the page settings. Select the gear, then choose 'Import Landing Page'.

WARNING: This will replace all content on this page and you will not be able to recover it.

Drag your Zip file you downloaded after purchasing into the media library that open up.

Select the Zip file you uploaded, then click Import.

Now you can customize your template!

Where do I download my template that I purchased?

You can access your template downloads your account dashboard. A link to download the template was also included with your receipt. To safeguard your purchase as well as the integrity of the website and products we sell, your download link may have expired or you may have reached the limit on the number of times you were allowed to download the template. Simply contact us via our support page and we will reset the link for you. 

Can I customize the templates?

Once you've added the template to your site, you can edit it however you like using Thrive Architect. You can swap out images, text, colors, and even duplicate sections or move them around. The purpose of using these templates is to provide you a significant head start on building your website while providing you the freedom to still make the page/site your own.

Will you set up my template for me on my website?

We offer template customization services starting at $599. You can learn more about this service here.

Are these templates  good for StoryBrand sites?

Due to the high demand we receive for sites following the StoryBrand formula, many of our templates are StoryBrand-ready. This means you can use the template to save you significant time and money when it comes to developing the framework for your StoryBrand site. However, our site templates are fantastic regardless of whether or not you've ever heard of StoryBrand.

Customization Services

What's included with the customization service?

You'll receive the template of your choice and we'll customize that template to your specific needs. We'll handle setup, buildout, and additional tweaks of the template. Customization services can include adding additional pages, adding additional sections, and minor functionality updates. The level of customization and amount of help needed varies from person to person. Click here to request a personal consultation.

How much does template customization cost?

Customization of our templates and expanding on them starts at $599. This is a personalized service that will handle everything from installing the template to configuring each page. We'll quote you a price specific to the level of customization and how many pages you need. Customizing a template is almost ALWAYS more affordable than a custom website project.

How long does it take from start to finish to launch my website using a customized template?

Most projects are finished in one week, and we rarely have a template customization take longer than two weeks to complete. The quick delivery of this project is one of the benefits of choosing to customize a template over developing a custom website.

Reselling & White Label

Can I sell your services to my clients?

Yes! Many of our clients have clients of their own in various industries. You're welcome to mark-up and resell our services. Email if you're interested in setting up a consistent or on-going relationship.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. Reach out to to learn more.